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Settler - Myra Foundation

P.N. Khanna

Shri P.N.Khanna, born in year 1939 and did his graduation and post-graduation from Lucknow University.

In year 1969 he joined Thomson Press India ltd (or India Today group)and dedicated almost 3 decades to company. Later worked withTimes of India from where he retired. Currently settled with his family in Faridabad.

In his own words:

I have been in Faridabad town for more than 50 years and seen how the city has changed and developed. Many people have come forwarded and supported the society with whatever means they have. Now l want to give back something to society, so through Myra Foundation.  I am volunteering my services and some funds. It is my strong feeling that all members of this trust will work from their heart.’’ 

“I give my best wishes to all the volunteers for this trust and hope they are able to provide some relief to our society.”

Founder - Myra Foundation

Meena Khanna

Meena being a content developer, special educator is well versed with the international teaching pedagogies and philosophies like ‘Learning Center Approach’, Letters and Sound and Reggio Emilia teaching practices.  She has an understanding of IB and British curriculum and is a Certified Special Educator for children with special needs.  As founder of NGO Myra Foundation she working on grass-root level to fill in the learning gap of children from less privileged neighborhood. She is an inspiring teacher and a social worker.

In her own words:

“My love for Teaching took me from one great school to another, travelled and met with some great people; my thirst for learning more made me try new avenues and fields.

When I look back, I was left with a question – what can I give back to the education system?

The solutions I am working on are not just for the children, these tools would help parents also understand the unspoken needs of their children.”

Education Adviser - Myra Foundation

Rita Bhatia

Versatile and creative professional, skilled inmanaging public health and education programmes, Rita has worked with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and United Nations -UN agencies dedicated to protection, public health and education.

Her Expertise include strategic planning, management, evaluation, capacity development and technical advice and support in Education and Public Health programmes.

Rita is very passionate to work with children in special needs who may have challenges and need extra support. The community at large is often unaware of the potential of children with special needs. Rita believes in the value of educating children with special needs.  For children with special needs, early intervention is an important step towards helping the child to fulfil his or her full academic, emotional, and social potential.

Rita is affiliated with numerous institutions including Thammasat University, Global Health Programme Faculty of Public Health Thailand, and Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, United States.

IT advisor, social welfare, digital marketing.

Charu Dua

Charu Dua who has done Doctorate from HBTI-Kanpur is actively working nowadays in IT industry.

Experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of working in the Information Technology & Services industry. Skilled in Chemistry, Water Quality, Spectroscopy, Organic Chemistry, and Environmental Impact Assessment. Strong business development professional with a Ph.D. focused in Chemistry from Harcourt Butler Technological Institute, Kanpur.

In her own words:

During my studies and work field so much has been given to me by the society I live in and really thankful to it. Now it is my time to serve the same society with whatever I can “

 Through IT means and digital marketing I really want to spread the awareness that, technology can do wonders in teaching pedagogy and for special children it can go beyond. Would also like to support parent early diagnose symptoms for early intervention, which is always good for children with special needs.

CharuDua devotes her time to Myra Foundation to understand the requirement and maintains all IT needs, social media update, information and digital marketing.


Clinical psychologist

Vriti Kalra

Ms. Vriti Kalra, has been working with Manav Rachna International School, Sec-14 Faridabad as a School Counsellor since 2015. She is a clinical psychologist by profession and her areas of specialization are child psychology, counselling, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy.  Prior to MRIS-14 she was associated with Apollo Hospital, New Delhi and Tagore International School, Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. She is an M. Phil from IHBAS (University of Delhi). She has a professionally recognised experience of working with children using different modalities like play therapy, story-telling and using psychological tools like draw-a-person and children’s apperception test. Her forte is also of offering her skills as a life-coach for children

Advisor- Education & Resources

Monika Kathuria

Monika Kathuria is an innovative educational professional with over 22 years of administrative leadership expertise.

She holds a master’s degree in English literature, diploma in German language and bachelor’s and master’s degree in education. She has also done diploma in early childhood education and counselling. With her passion to explore new areas and avenues, she has been attending webinars and seminars to upgrade her skills.

A self-motivated professional, she has been a great leader with a deep knowledge of Early-Years and Primary curriculum and pedagogy. She closely works with the children with special needs and has been conducting numerous workshops for students, teachers and parents.

In her own words:

I have always believed that as a leader you always need to motivate your team and provide them with a direction.

While working in capacity of an educator and an administrator I somewhere realized that there are many children who are looking forward to opportunities and exposure to learn and grow .

So now it’s time to extend my boundaries and reach out to people who are deprived of the basic right to education. It’s my honour to be now associated with Myra Foundation , a non-profit NGO who is working tirelessly towards providing opportunities to less privileged children and providing them educational support and holistic developmental opportunities.

Program Development Consultant

Ms. Sweena Karnani

A post-graduate in Medical Genetics worked in Genetic research, but I went through a series of volunteering experiences that led to change in a career. Has actively participated in the ongoing education revolution in India, for over four years now, I regard myself as an education professional, who is eager to learn new attributes of the domain with changing roles and responsibilities. I have played various cross-functional roles in the education sector and thus have developed a deeper insight into pedagogy and curriculum of teaching and learning practices. Deeply care for the literacy of children in lower strata of society, and want to support their learning in any possible aspect.

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