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Better Education is Our Main Goal

Myra foundation aims to provide quality education and a platform for holistic development for less privileged children. We want to be able to bridge the learning gap, to allow “non -school” going or “drop out” children to join school again. With our team we wish to create a safe learning environment for children with Special Needs and provide support to their families. We intend to build a strong parent network as well. As technology is a big part of the education system, we integrate technology in teaching to support learning for all children. In this process, we also empower our teacher by providing them with updated teaching skills.


Our Approach

Our main focus is to provide education to less privileged children from the age of 3 years to 12 years. We reach out to no or low-income neighbourhoods around Faridabad and partner with other corresponding NGOs. Together we aim to identify the needs of the children and provide them quality education to bridge their learning gap. We create a systematic and organised plan to address all the educational needs of the children as well as provide them with a platform for holistic development. With the help of our sister organisation “Kaleidoscope”- we provide a supportive learning environment for the children with special needs.




Our Mission

Our endeavor always is to equip the children with the requisite life –skills and independence through a myriad of playful activities.

We also work closely with children with special needs and support their parents to update their knowledge, create awareness and sensitize society about the challenges to the families, as we believe education is the most powerful catalyst for social transformation. However, Education cannot be done in isolation. We provide a platform to the special needs community to speak and be heard and to fight for their acceptance in the social crowd.

We specialize in the study of ‘Expression patterns’–a language the special children speak.
While we play and work with the child, we lay equal emphasis on enabling the parents – we collaborate with the parents to help intercept and interpret the language of our children.
We acknowledge each child to hold different approach and capability when it come to the Eight Intelligences.

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Rita Bhatia
Meena Khanna
Ms. Sweena Karnani
Program Development Consultant
P.N. Khanna
Settler- Myra Foundation
Charu Dua
IT advisor, social welfare, digital marketing
Ms. Monica Kathuria
Advisor- Education & Resources

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