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Under our initiative ‘Mumkin’, the Myra foundation took up the drive of teaching underprivileged children, including children from nursery to grade VIII, in march 2020. Our main goal was to educate the involved students and try and help them gain a better understanding of the curriculum taught at their schools, to be able to effectively fill in the teaching gaps.

These kids were taught sitting under trees, in time of beautiful weather, mostly on Sundays. We also inculcated fun learning activities like games and painting, to pair learning with playtime! In effect of the covid-19 situation and the lockdown imposed soon after, the drive came to a halt, but we at myra foundation look forward to a condition where we can once again resume our activities with these kids and lead them on the path of learning.



Our foundation has proudly come a long way in the number of children associated with us, compared to the number of volunteers, which are also growing with increasing demand. So, taking it in stride, and to facilitate teamwork amongst our students, we introduced a ‘buddy system’, wherein the senior students teach their juniors. They help them with new concepts which the seniors have already learned. In doing so, not only our students make new friends, but also learn an important lesson in how teamwork can achieve greater goals.

During one particular buddy system activity, we also had an intellectually disabled student who was helped by a senior, increasing both their confidence manifolds.


Amongst the many curious little souls we work with, some have never even seen a book before in their life, let alone been formally educated.

This young boy is one amongst many, fortunately captured, as he held a hard bound picture book for the first time in his life. A picture is worth a thousand words, and this one shows us just how happy and overwhelmed he was. Although he wasn’t able to read the letters, the colourful pictures fascinated him and kindled in him a desire to learn and be able to read. So much so, that he didn’t want to let the book out of his sight after that!



A little nudge in the right direction, and a true student can do wonders! We know this for sure, as we saw the transformation in this young student, who did not go to school, but studied under our initiative- ‘Mumkin’. Within a few sessions, his dedication knew no bounds and he came a long way on the path of learning with his thirst for knowledge. Despite only a handful of resources, his hard work and desire to learn made all the difference. 

This is where all the generous donations of resources we receive can make a big difference to young minds like these…



The Myra Foundation organizes special conferences with parents of children with special educational needs (SENs). In one such parent-facilitators’ conference, the parents shared their experiences with their children, including the kind of challenges they face, the stigma surrounding special needs in society, etc. Together, we discussed and tried to find ways of working efficiently and in a fun way with these children as well as their families, to improve support and be able to create solutions surrounding acceptance in society.

We plan to further our engagement with children with SENs based on our belief in the power of self-esteem and social-emotional learning.


There is nothing like indulging in some Christmas cheer to bond with children! So during Christmas 2019, under our initiative ‘Mumkin’, we engaged with our students and did some fun activities like arts and crafts revolving around Santa, Christmas tree decorations and some candies and goodies for all! There were also some simple craft competitions, where the young-ones could display their creativity revolving around the Christmas theme.

The village Sarpanchji was invited to give away certificates to the participants and keep up their spirits.


Under Myra foundation’s support to the Dream Indian organization, we celebrated children’s’ day with these precious young souls, conducting various fun as well as educational activities. The children got a chance to bond with each other and learn the essence of children’s’ day, all amongst play and having fun. 

We try to make each day special for these kids, but on such a day of historical and patriotic significance, it can be truly gratifying to see young minds who we know will carry forward the nation’s prosperous legacy.

With few resources, we distributed small goodies among our children, but the returning smiles were truly bedazzling and made our days!


Our team of experts conducts regular training sessions to share the required teaching knowledge and skills with teachers. One such session was conducted with teachers of the Sai Dham School, Holy Child Public School, and some Anganwadi teachers. The main focus was to share some education techniques with the teachers, so that they can be equipped to teach students with special needs. Our main aim here was to provide these teachers with simple yet efficient approaches to impart education and learning in a more fun and accessible format, which also takes into account students’ social-emotional learning.



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