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Mumkin "Every Child In Your School
Mumkin is our second project with the objective of supporting “non-school” going and “dropouts” to re-join their education programmes, thus taking a step towards bridging the knowledge gap among the less privileged children.
Kalaeidoscope " Capability To Ability "
Kaleidoscope is our training setup for children with special needs under Myra foundation. We strongly believe that each child is exclusive, like the designs in Kaleidoscope. Kaleidoscope is committed to bring the myriad of possibilities into the day to day life of children with special needs.
Project Arya
We were able to reach 150+ children and many more are joining regularly. To support the children on grassroots level we have 35 field volunteers and many teacher volunteer to make this project successful. We aim to provide quality education and a safe platform for the children to express and talk about their mental well being and reach as many children as possible.
In the difficult time of pandemic, when everything was at rest, except the basic necessities learning was accessible to few fortunate children but not for all. In association with ‘I Am wellbeing’ Myra Foundation initiated Project Arya to fill in the learning gaps and also to provide mental health support by providing online session for both academic and social emotional.
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