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Mumkin "Every Child In Your School
Mumkin is our second project with the objective of supporting “non-school” going and “dropouts” to re-join their education programmes, thus taking a step towards bridging the knowledge gap among the less privileged children.
No walls no roof but learning is always imparted to fill in the leaning gap under the tree, school galleries and corridors. Our students are from grade Nursery to grade 10th, non-school going and some special children.
During the Covid-19 lockdown, everything was at rest and each one of us was working from home, and our children were attending school online. But for these children learning was at a stand still as no option was available for them. With the initiative of ‘I am Wellbeing’ and ‘Myra Foundation’ we started ‘Project Arya’ to make learning available to each and every child.
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