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Donation Total: ₹1,000.00

To help, to contribute, to assist, to move along, to value each other’s struggles, to pitch in, to abet, is to GET INVOLVED. And it does not take much, to be able to do such gestures of involvement with anyone or everyone. Let’s do our bit for these precious gems and make the world a better place to live.

Individual Support

Be the one that makes an eleven. Therefore, support these little children in need, however possible. Come forward, donate for the cause, cure the affected, nurture little dreams, support however possible and put in every ounce of effort you can, because YOU CAN AND IT MATTERS.

Corporate Partnership

Not everyone has the opportunity to contribute to the lives of other people. But some of us are fortunate enough and especially the communal executives. People from such valuable professional backgrounds could certainly initiate small moves towards making a larger difference to these innocent and imperative lives.


We would appreciate the voluntary initiatives of all the people from distinctive fields to come forward and join hands with us to aid these children in this hour of need.


Careers at Myra Foundation is all about paid volunteering services in order to establish, implement, and execute a scheduled discipline in order to successfully achieve our aims and their aspirations of imparting education equally.
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